Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Sew-N-Bee Website

A bee in the thyme from one of my garden photos, Summer 2009.I am starting this new blog in order to snag the name 'Sew-N-Bee' on blogspot. This is the name of a new website I am currently working on. It will be geared toward quilting and sewing with free projects as well as a line of patterns and books for purchase.

The aim of the website, is to create a fun, relaxing place to find quilting ideas and help to create a sense of community with others through sewing and quilting. It will be a modern spin on the old-fashioned Quilting Bee where groups of women meet on a routine basis either as a Virtual Quilting Bee or in small groups of people who meet locally all across the country. We will learn to create a variety of different quilts and quilt projects, get to know one another, and provide support and encouragement for one another. There will be a monthly project (or two? or more?) presented through a monthly newsletter/announcement to be used as a basic outline of possible meeting activities.

It is my hope to launch this sometime within the next couple of months. Perhaps with a starting date in January 2010.

More info to come . . .

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