Friday, April 23, 2010

Buzzing Right Along

Here's a view of some funny flower lapel pins I made.I decided to use these pins as the initial images for my Sew-N-Bee website just because they're fun and cute. I have not made time to sit down and draw out any images for my Bitsie Bee mascot yet. That's something that has been on my mind a lot lately. I think I will need to grab some paper and a pencil and start sketching up ideas. This should help my brain to start working on it. So I am making that one of my tasks for this weekend.

Once I get rolling on a few images my brain should kick into gear and I'll be able to pin it down more to a mascot and logo that will work. I find with the help of a few visuals such as sketches I can walk away from it or awhile and my subconscious mind keeps turning over the idea while I do other things. Then after a bit of being away from it, distracted doing other stuff around the house or the studio, it will just come to me . . . a solution presents itself. I've just got to get the ball rolling on it to start the process.

To side-track a bit, I'm going to be putting in a 'Square Foot Garden' area in the back yard this summer. I picked up this book last fall after seeing a neighbor grow tons of stuff in her square foot garden. She recommended it saying all she did was follow the instructions and it worked just like it says in print. My hubby already started some work to clear the way for it. Perhaps working outside a bit this weekend will give me some time to let this Bitsie Bee logo image jell for awhile.

In the meantime, while I deliberate on the logo idea, these images of my flower pins will stand-in for Bitsie over on the website.

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