Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Playing with Graphics

I am spending a bit of time today to update some graphic content for my blog and website. Hmmm . . . it seems like it has been such a long, long time since I worked on this blog, and even the website. It has been sitting idle for far too long. I need to take my camera into my sewing studio and get some good photos to use of current things I am working on. It just now occurred to me today that I have been neglecting to take photos of some things I have been sewing. Boo, that's not very good!

Think back, I don't think I bothered to post anything after working to re-paint my sewing studio. It looks so much newer, crisper and fresh down there with new paint. I'll have to write up a new post on that.

For quite some time I have been working one reducing my huge stash of fabric. I started using my AccuQuilt fabric die cutter to create a stash of fabric pre-cuts to work from. I am still in the process of reducing my stash, but managed to get quite a bit of it reduced down by cutting it up and organizing it better.

My goal now is to set my alarm clock earlier by half an hour or forty-five minutes so I can start sewing right off, earlier in the morning, before I head out the door to go to my full-time job. With fabric already pre-cut and organized into projects I should be able to keep working away at that stash. I told myself I would refrain from buying more fabric till I could work through some of this. Guess I'm not too good at saying no to fabric. I ended up picking up a couple charm square packets after eating lunch with my sewing friend. Then I brought some new batiks home from work for a project I need to get done. I bought some extra of the batiks thinking they would make a very pretty quilt on the bed in the yellow room. Those consist of some pretty pinks, yellows and such. I didn't have a whole lot of those particular colors to work with in the stash.

Okay, then . . . off to work on stuff in the sewing studio before the day slips away from me. Happy stitching!

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